Group: Board of Directors

John Taylor

John is the Co-Founder, President and CEO of Aceragen as well as a member of the Board of Directors. Prior to Aceragen, John co-founded and was President and CEO of Spyryx Biosciences to develop inhaled peptides for cystic fibrosis. Previously, John held the position of Vice President of Corporate Development with Synageva BioPharma, where he

Ron Wooten

As founding Managing Partner, Ron has extensive health care and investing experience. His responsibilities include NovaQuest Capital’s overall oversight, investment policy, investor relations and the day-to-day management of NovaQuest Capital and its investment platform. He is also a member of the private equity and product finance investment committees. Over a 10-year period, Ron led the

Atul Chopra

Atul is a physician-scientist and medical geneticist specializing in rare genetic disorders of metabolism and energy balance, as well as an expert on metabolic and hormonal diseases such as obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and certain inborn errors of metabolism. He was crucial to the discovery of asprosin, a hormone that controls appetite and glucose levels.

Dan Salain

Dan leads business operations at Aceragen. He has 28 years of global pharmaceutical experience in manufacturing, supply chain management, strategic sourcing, distribution and business development. During his career, he participated in the successful launch and introduction of more than 30 global products including Zenpep®, Lamictal®, Amrix®, Canasa® and Metadate CD®. Before joining Aceragen, Dan served

Andy Jordan

Andy serves as the company’s CFO. He has an extensive professional history of leading the finances for pharmaceutical, public health and biotech companies. Andy was a founder of Guilford Pharmaceuticals. He later joined Odyssey Pharmaceuticals and Infraredx, Inc., in high-level financial roles. Apart from Andy’s background in finance he brings leadership and administrative experience to