Andy Jordan

Chief Financial Officer / Board Member

My career started in public accounting where I rose to the level of partner at KPMG. Having worked with many entrepreneurs, I sought to do the same and left KPMG in 1993 to help start Guilford Pharmaceuticals, a biotech company located in Baltimore, MD. At Guilford, I helped take Guilford through an IPO and over a ten plus year period, we raised nearly $500 million. Some of this was in the form of follow on offerings but others were unique but successful financings for specific purposes including funding for a specific product candidate and financing for a newly built R & D facility.

In 2004, I left Guilford and joined Pliva, Inc.’s subsidiary, Odyssey Pharmaceuticals, a specialty pharma company with about $100 million in revenues. At the time, Pliva was a London exchange listed stock and the second largest public company in Croatia. However, little over a year later, Pliva sold Odyssey to a third party and this endeavor came to an abrupt end.

Shortly thereafter, I joined Infraredx, Inc., a privately owned company working in the cardiology space seeking a diagnostic to detect heart attacks before they happened. Besides my financial role, I really helped the CEO with most business related activities and even helped to facilitate team meetings to expedite time to market for the company’s near infrared, lipid rich plaque detection system.